About Our School

Who We Are

Monroe Preschool, Inc., was established in 1971. We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and operate in accordance with USDA policy which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, religion, or national origin. Monroe Preschool, Inc. believes in fostering a consistent and ongoing dialogue between parents, staff, and the board. We strive to maintain a curriculum and agenda that is flexible enough to allow for any changes that may occur during the year.

Mission Statement

Monroe Preschool, Inc., a licensed center, provides a quality learning program where all children ages 3 – 5 can interact with other children in a positive setting conducive to each child’s individual development. The center’s caring, qualified staff uses age appropriate play-based and hands-on activities for each stage of development to engage each child’s interest and instill a joy in learning. Communication between staff, families and children provide an active social and emotional role in your child’s early education.

Our Goals!

  • Making a comfortable separation from home
  • Developing feelings of pride
  • Developing independence
  • Learning at an individual pace and interest level
  • Nurturing curiosity and free expression of thought

Contact Us!

Located just one block west of the historic square in beautiful downtown Monroe, Wisconsin.